We are specialised in development of travel software

We achieve this by having a carefully selected team which is highly trained, motivated and incentivised.

Quality is given utmost importance in all our projects but value is also important for us.
Hence the excellent prices that we have for our softwares and web sites.

TravelOn is the core technology for all our travel systems and tehcnologies.

Full online sales integration

Enabling a multibranding platform, the system allows a company to be fully versatile on clients interaction. Every brand of a company has a selling portal with its customised reports, quoting and invoicing, different selling currencies and more.

B2C and B2B selling platform

Easy to choose between these two models, the broker will sell using the same logic, but all the information generated to the client will be reflected depending on the used channel.

Online and Offline confirmations

Integration of real time providers to allow confirmations in real time, and also an in-house designed and developed system to allow offline providers to confirm their services.

Some TravelOn's Details

Credit and Quality Control

Simple but effective logic of Credit and Quality control. Modules to manage postal forms depending of country's providers. Track of suspicius Online payments. Customer Service module and more.

Online Leads Assignement

Full integration with online sales allows the system to inform the brokers about new internet leads, internet personal messages and more.

Booking Management

Versatile structure of itineraries, services allowing multisegments, flights allowing to parse PNR data and translate it into itinerary items and more.

Intuitive Company Admin

Using a company and brands related to the company structure, allows the admin team to assign geo locations, the mailing structure of the brands, manage the resellers and B2B agencies, automatic mails and rules for communication with clients using a server's agent.

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